Poem – “Let The Mockers Grin”

I wrote this in an hour of dejection, in light of the hardness of many hearts.
It is not thoroughly relevant to every season, and should not be taken as such.
If there be found fault within these words, please take the silver & leave the dross.

My mouth is shut, my pen is dry
The air lies still ‘neath darkened sky
The ground is cracked, yet will not drink
It cursed itself to ever shrink

There is no ear I’ve not beseeched
That God has summoned me to reach
Yet words I spoke were heard as wind
And echoed back as mockers grinned

I know that this He promised me
How in this world these things would be
So let not any reader fear
Except in how they see and hear

For now it is made manifest
How many fail His every test
And those who now His anger sense
Are praying for His recompense

Beware lest any man now say
That I have left behind the Day
To write such sore and woeful verse
As though it were to them a curse

For of these seasons I do glean
A tempered soul, by men unseen
To set my face like flint through pain
That in the coming storm, Christ reign

And on the other side, now dim
The curtain of these rainclouds grim
Will open up to days so bright
Our eyes will know our faith as sight

Therefore, let the mockers grin
It is not I who bears their sin
But He who sees will not delay
To strike the wicked where they lay

And Jesus said to him,
“Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.”
Matthew 8:22 (ESV)

Poem – “He Has Made The Tyrants Shake”

In secret halls of darkness grim
The princes who love greed and sin
Have made to strike the Son their task
But shall be foiled unto the last

For He who searches mind and heart
Has let from them His light depart
And as they serve the ancient snake
The Lord prepares the earth to quake

Beneath their temples, high and bright
They think their deeds shall see no light
But flesh and blood of souls unknown
Have cried aloud before God’s throne

His sword is whet, His bow is drawn
The night brings forth His Day to dawn
So let God’s children now awake
For He has made the tyrants shake

The punishment has never slept
For all in whom the serpent crept
Let kings therefore, and every ruler
Remember He whose wrath is crueler

Fear, therefore, and kiss the Son
That to your good, God’s will be done
For all shall bow without exception
With or without His election

Ever shall His rule increase
Within His kingdom’s reign of peace
“Therefore,” He commanded, “Go”
As holy leaven in the dough

How then can we be excused
From in His kingdom being used
When in this world we need not fear
Since death itself brings Life more near?

Poem – “Invictus Refuted”

A parody in disdain of William Ernest Henley’s famous and Godless poem, “Invictus”:

Into the night that covered me
Black as the pit which held me whole
He became sin that He might be
The conqueror of my soul

From blinding clutch of Satan’s bands
I heard His voice and cried aloud
Then saw His blood on my own hands
His face was marred, His head thorn-crowned

Beyond the veil He draws me near
Through horror He my ransom paid
That now in me He finds revere
And by His grace makes unafraid

He led me through the straightest gate
He purged of punishments the scroll
He is the Master of my fate
He is the Captain of my soul

Poem – “From Babylon To Zion”

From Babylon to Zion bright
Let children tread above the mire
For gods in whom man takes delight
Shall drag him to eternal fire

The rulers fought for kingdom-come
Without a thought of Christ within
How much indeed will be the sum
Of judgement if we likewise sin

There is no rest, no throne on earth
That grasping, we shall have repose
But God in Christ has made a birth
In which His kingdom is disclosed

Poem – “There Is A Door”

There is a Door,

Whose thresholds are countless to cross
Whose Mystery dwells in my dross
Whose rooms I have yet to all see
Who by each new entrance makes free

This Door is the blest Son of Man
Forever unfolding His plan
With each day a whisper in ear
That crossing, I might be drawn near

There is no door other than He
Whose entrance by which one might see
His heavenly holiness shine
Here on earth as where all is divine

There is such a Door to be found
Every day His still voice does resound
Let us hear, for that Spirit does speak
To the lowly and unto the meek

Make your entrances while it is day
That at night you may not slip away
For He shuts and He closes at will
And the seats at His table do fill

O come to the Door and make haste
For His thresholds are just a foretaste
Of the glory which He shall make known
Through the ones within whom He’s now shown

Behold the Door, He is our sight
And an ark filled with children of Light
That the flood of His vengeance be passing
And renewed be the Day everlasting