Poem – “Let The Mockers Grin”

I wrote this in an hour of dejection, in light of the hardness of many hearts.
It is not thoroughly relevant to every season, and should not be taken as such.
If there be found fault within these words, please take the silver & leave the dross.

My mouth is shut, my pen is dry
The air lies still ‘neath darkened sky
The ground is cracked, yet will not drink
It cursed itself to ever shrink

There is no ear I’ve not beseeched
That God has summoned me to reach
Yet words I spoke were heard as wind
And echoed back as mockers grinned

I know that this He promised me
How in this world these things would be
So let not any reader fear
Except in how they see and hear

For now it is made manifest
How many fail His every test
And those who now His anger sense
Are praying for His recompense

Beware lest any man now say
That I have left behind the Day
To write such sore and woeful verse
As though it were to them a curse

For of these seasons I do glean
A tempered soul, by men unseen
To set my face like flint through pain
That in the coming storm, Christ reign

And on the other side, now dim
The curtain of these rainclouds grim
Will open up to days so bright
Our eyes will know our faith as sight

Therefore, let the mockers grin
It is not I who bears their sin
But He who sees will not delay
To strike the wicked where they lay

And Jesus said to him,
“Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.”
Matthew 8:22 (ESV)

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