Poem – “He Has Made The Tyrants Shake”

In secret halls of darkness grim
The princes who love greed and sin
Have made to strike the Son their task
But shall be foiled unto the last

For He who searches mind and heart
Has let from them His light depart
And as they serve the ancient snake
The Lord prepares the earth to quake

Beneath their temples, high and bright
They think their deeds shall see no light
But flesh and blood of souls unknown
Have cried aloud before God’s throne

His sword is whet, His bow is drawn
The night brings forth His Day to dawn
So let God’s children now awake
For He has made the tyrants shake

The punishment has never slept
For all in whom the serpent crept
Let kings therefore, and every ruler
Remember He whose wrath is crueler

Fear, therefore, and kiss the Son
That to your good, God’s will be done
For all shall bow without exception
With or without His election

Ever shall His rule increase
Within His kingdom’s reign of peace
“Therefore,” He commanded, “Go”
As holy leaven in the dough

How then can we be excused
From in His kingdom being used
When in this world we need not fear
Since death itself brings Life more near?

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