The Spiritual Poison of Narcissism

The opposite of humility is wanton self-deprication,
the opposite of self-respect is selfishness;
and the point where these two great faults meet is narcissism.

Narcissism is the singularity at the center of all nihilistic thought and action.

It is the characteristic capable of driving every vice to its greatest extreme; because it is self-hatred instead of repentance, and it is self-love instead of honor for the image of God.

Therefore, when unchecked, it can turn angry men into cruel monsters, greedy men into usurers, and lustful men into sodomites. And along with these evils, it turns kings into tyrants, workmen into malcontents, and prophets into profiteers.

Only when the Bride of Christ stops obsessing over her earthly self-image, and starts looking unto JESUS, in whom she is transformed, can she at last be made free of such things.

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