Poem – “Invictus Refuted”

A parody in disdain of William Ernest Henley’s famous and Godless poem, “Invictus”:

Into the night that covered me
Black as the pit which held me whole
He became sin that He might be
The conqueror of my soul

From blinding clutch of Satan’s bands
I heard His voice and cried aloud
Then saw His blood on my own hands
His face was marred, His head thorn-crowned

Beyond the veil He draws me near
Through horror He my ransom paid
That now in me He finds revere
And by His grace makes unafraid

He led me through the straightest gate
He purged of punishments the scroll
He is the Master of my fate
He is the Captain of my soul

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3 comments on “Poem – “Invictus Refuted”

  1. leigh says:

    Thanks for reposting this Brendan!
    I’ve sent it along to some who might appreciate.


  2. Tim Shey says:

    I just read “Invictus” for the first time. It is a Godless poem.


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