Observation & Warning

The Lord Himself appears to those in darkness who knew Him not, He raises up valiant men from among those who sought Him not, and they tread upon and overcome the power of the enemy from whose grasp they were delivered. And the faithful and scattered remnant of God’s house rejoice in the light, and are made strong, and stand as one: those who have dwelt and walked solitarily for righteousness’ sake.

But the faithless and insolent are found saying, “We have sought Him, and yet, has He favoured us as these ones? Would He ever do such wonders among the heathen, which we ourselves have not seen in our own midst? Surely this is not from on high.”

Such are the objections of those who deceive themselves; for truly they sought after their own things, and they have accepted their reward of men. Therefore, the Lord left their midst to seek out those who would recieve a Physician: to confound the wise with the foolish, to school the learned with the unlearned, and to shame those prudent in the things of this world with the faith of little children.

The power of Almighty God is revealed to the broken, and the contrite rejoice in His mercy; but fury and wrath is reserved for the insolent, who proudly refuse to behold that which has ever been held up before them to deliver them.

Do not be found among the faithless: who are taught, but not of God; who learn, but come not to the Truth; who have knowledge, but do not understand; who have eyes, but do not see; who have ears, but do not hear. They have a form of Godliness, but lack the power thereof. They have a teaching of the gospel, but lack the fruit of it; for truly the gospel of Christ is the power of God wherein His righteousness is revealed in those who walk from faith to faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. For that Spirit IS the truth, and in knowing He the Truth, men are being set free.

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